Mastiff Newfoundland Mix Breed Information


Mastiff Newfoundland Mix came into being by crossing two large dog breeds Newfoundland and English mastiff. The breed is not very much common hence, all we can predict about its appearance, temperament, and needs is by looking deep into the traits of the parent breeds.

Well, Newfoundland is originated from Canada and was previously used for multiple purposes such as helping fishermen or saving people’s lives. Whereas, English mastiff is a very old dog breed that was bred by gamekeepers.

The dog is giant, strong, and tough which was used in baiting sports previously. Based on the features of the dogs, let us have an idea of the traits of the English mastiff Newfoundland mix, an interesting hybrid dog breed.

English Mastiff Newfoundland mix Appearance:

Newfie mastiff mix is a giant canine that comes with a square or block-shaped head. The eyes are wide which are usually brown, whereas the ears are usually small concerning the size of the gigantic dog.

The Newfoundland mastiff puppies have deep, wide, and large chests along with the other striking features. The dog has strong bones, limbs also, the entire body is muscular which describes the strength of the dog.

Their feet can be webbed also, the dog can have a water-resistant coat if it takes most from Newfoundland. Both parents have an entirely different coat. Mastiff has dense but short hair whereas, Newfoundland has a furry, thick, and long coat.

Hence, the coat of the Newfoundland Mastiff dog can either be furry or short, depending on the parent from which the hybrid takes the most.

The possible coat colours can be grey, brown, black, apricot, fawn, or brindle, depending on the coat colour of parent breeds.

Newfie mastiff mix Personality:

As, both parent breeds of the Mastiff Newfoundland mix puppies have a good temperament, the same is for the hybrid. The neo mastiff mix is affectionate, loyal, compassionate, and sweet to its owner.

The dog loves to be around the family but it adores children the most and wants to be around them all the time. Although the dog is giant, there is nothing about it a person should be scared of.

But, if the dog takes most from English Mastiff, it might not behave well with strangers due to its protective nature. Otherwise, the dog is quite easy-going and devoted.

The dog has a great deal of patience, but that does not mean you can leave it alone in the house because this can cause them separation anxiety.

How big does a mastiff mix get?

The English mastiff is larger than Newfoundland, but Newfoundland is also a large dog breed. That means the hybrid of these two breeds is something gigantic as well.

An English mastiff can get 150 to 250 pounds in weight whereas a Newfoundland has 100 to 150 pounds weight on average.

On the other hand, the height of a mastiff can be anywhere between 27 to 36 inches whereas that of a Newfoundland is 26-29 inches.

This means, that the Mastiff Newfie mix weighs anywhere between 120-200 pounds whereas, it is 30-32 inches in height on average.

Newfoundland mastiff puppies for sale:

It is not easy to find the Mastiff Newfoundland mix dogs for sale, as it is a rare breed. Either, the parent breeds are bred accidentally, or one needs the excellent features of both dogs in one hybrid.

So, you can look for rescue or shelters which are specific for hybrids. Also, you can find any reputable breeder, who is dealing with such breeds.

On average, the price of a Mastiff Newfoundland Dog mix ranges from $1000 to $1500.

English mastiff Newfoundland mix food and nutrition:

Being a large and giant dog, this Newfoundland mix breed requires a lot of quality food. In the first two years, the growth of the dog is critical hence, it is very important to provide the dog with a hygienic and adequate amount of food.

Choose puppy food for the puppy whereas, dog food for an adult dog. Make sure the diet is nutrient-rich, especially calcium and phosphorus should be present in sufficient amounts for better bone growth.

Also, do not overfeed the dog and try to give it a low-calorie diet because overfeeding can lead to obesity and other health problems as well.

Newfoundland mastiff mix puppies’ health concerns:

Just like the other Newfie mixes, this one is also a healthy hybrid but, there are some health issues as well, which can be fatal or dangerous for the dog’s health. Keep the ears of the dog clean to prevent any kind of infection.

If the English mastiff and Newfoundland mix are obese, then the chances of hip and elbow dysplasia are higher.

Cardiac diseases and cystinuria are some of the genetic diseases due to Newfoundland whereas, Mastiff can give the hybrid eye abnormalities, seasonal allergies, degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy, and Von Willebrand’s disease.

newfoundland mix

Besides all these health conditions, bloating is a serious issue as well. So, take the dog to the doctor immediately when you sense any of these issues.

Mastiff Newfoundland mix puppies’ activity requirement:

The gigantic size of the dog does not mean that the mastiff Newfie mix dog requires a heavy workout or strenuous exercise. The Mastiff and Newfoundland mix dog have a moderate energy level.

They like to play regularly and daily walks as well. If they have a water-resistant coat, then swimming can also be a source to fulfill their activity requirement.

newfoundland mastiff dog

Also, the Mastiff Newfoundland cross enjoys playing with toys. Just make sure the toys are sturdy enough for such large dogs. Lastly, the dog is comfortable living in apartments as well.

Newfoundland mastiff puppies’ lifespan:

The Mastiff cross Newfoundland dog can live a healthy life if all the requirements of the dog are fulfilled properly.

The average lifespan of a Newfoundland dog is 8 to 10 years whereas that of a Mastiff is 6 to 10 years. This means the average lifespan of the Newfoundland mastiff dog is 6 to 10 years.

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