Newfoundland Poodle Mix Breed Information


The Newfypoo dog is a mix of Standard poodle and Newfoundland that has a gentle, loving, and calm nature filled with intelligence. All the behavioral and physical traits of both the parents are present in the Newfypoo dog breeds. It is one of the most popular mixes of Newfie also known as, Newdle, Newfydoodle, Newfypoo Sheepadoodle, and Poofoundland.

The Newfypoo are usually large dog breeds but the size also depends on the parent poodle. Newfypoo mini is a mix of a small poodle and a Newfoundland dog.

Well, if you are tired of shedding large dogs, then this dog is a good choice for you but, maintaining a coat regularly is necessary. As compared to usual large dog breeds, this breed requires a bit less physical activity.

Newfoundland poodle mix dog appearance:

Newfoundland poodle mix dogs are large canines with a square-shaped muscular body. If the dog takes most from the poodle, then it may have a streamlined and thinner head whereas, in the case of Newfoundland resemblance, it will have a block-shaped head.

newfoundland and poodle mix

The muzzle in the first case will be tapered whereas for the second probability, it will be a deep muzzle but not deeper as a Newfoundland. They have oval-shaped eyes, either small-sized or medium, never too large, which can be brown or amber.

Talking about the ears of Newfypoodle, they can also be either high-folded triangular-shaped or dropped ears just as that of a poodle. With a well-set long and strong neck, it has well-laid and muscular shoulders.

Their legs are straight and muscular with heavy bones and the feet are according to the size of the dog (can be webbed). Lastly, the tail is either cropped or left long.

Newfoundland poodle mix size:

The Newfypoo size is not always the same, but it depends on the size of the parent poodle. Usually, the size of a Newfypoo fully grown is somewhere between the size of a fully grown poodle and Newfoundland.

Newfoundland poodle mix

At the age of 24 months, the range of weight will be 60 to 130 pounds. The Newfypoo weight of a female dog is as low as 85 pounds and as high as 100 pounds whereas that of a male is 95 and 100 pounds respectively.

Also, a male Newfoundland poodle mix is 22 to 25 inches tall whereas a female can be 20 to 24 inches in height.

Newfoundland poodle mix puppies’ temperament and personality:

A mixed-breed dog can either have the positive traits of their parents or negative behavior of their personality. But the Newfypoo temperament is always likely to be loving and calm because both of its parents have a loving nature. The dog has a protective nature with a big heart and loyalty.

newfypoo puppies for sale

No matter, the age, size gender, these dogs are playful with all the other pets also, they are extremely loving and joyful with children but for the safety of the children, do not leave them alone with the dog. They are good watchdogs and can do anything to protect and love their family.

Among all the mixed breeds of a poodle, Newfypoo is the most intelligent and picks up the training tricks fast than other dog breeds. You can trust the dog with your family due to its loyal nature.

Socialization plays a vital role in building up a personality of a dog, so never forget the early and proper socialization of your Newfypoo dog. Also, the Newfypoo dog can have hunter skills in their personality.

Newfoundland poodle mix price:

Well, after knowing that how does a Newfypoo dog looks and what kind of personality it has you might want to know Newfypoo cost if you feel interested. Newfypoo price usually ranges from $500 to $2000, but most of the Newfypoo puppies for sale are between $1000 to $1500.

newfypoo puppies

The range of the price is for the variation that is due to multiple factors including gender, size, lineage, pedigree, color, health, location, and many more. If you are dealing with reputable Newfypoo breeders, then they are more likely to ask you for these price ranges.

But if someone has a usual Newfypoo for sale, but he is asking for a higher price pretending that the Newfypoo is something rare and has extraordinary features, don’t get fooled without confirming the stuff he has been claiming, otherwise you will have to face quite a loss.

Newfypoo rescue:

Newfoundland poodle mix for sale is not found usually among the breeders, if so, then some people find the prices high and they cannot afford the dog. In this case, you can adopt a dog from a former owner. Secondly, go for a search in rescue centers and shelters.

Newfoundland poodle mix

There are usually no specific rescue centers for mixed breeds, but you will find rescue centers for large dog breeds. Visit them all and find the Newfypoo for your family.

The Newypoo rescue dog will be cost-friendly as it will be a bit older than puppies, also most of them are done getting trained.

Newfoundland poodle puppies in different countries:

As you know, the price of a Newfypoo dog largely depends on the location so Newfoundland poodle mix puppies for sale UK will be quite different in price as compared to Newfypoo Arizona, Newfypoo Minnesota, or Newfypoo New York.

Newfoundland poodle cross puppies in the UK are common because this breed is considered popular in England. So, many breeders will be available who are ready to deal Newfoundland poodle cross UK.

Also, the breeders have their demands so, just like the location, Newfypoo breeders in Texas will ask you a different price as compared to the Newfypoo breeders in California.

If you will do proper research then you will find a long list of Newfypoo breeders Virginia also, Newfypoo breeders Indiana who are ready to offer you affordable rates of Newfypoo Indiana.

Newfoundland and poodle mix food and nutrition:

If we look at the Newfypoo growth chart, then a fully grown Newfypoo has a height range of 22 to 30 inches and a weight of 60 to 130 pounds. For achieving the desired height and weight, one has to provide the dog with proper and adequate nutrition and diet.

newfoundland poodle cross puppies

Choose a kibble that is nutritious enough to meet the dietary needs of your Newfypoo dog whereas if you have any doubts about it, then it’s better to consult a vet regarding this. As they are larger, so they will require more food for better growth.

Usually, a Newfypoo dog requires 4.5 to 6 cups of dry food every day. Make sure you are dividing the food into equal portions to avoid the risk of obesity.

Newfypoo coat information:

If you are wondering that is the Newfypoo hypoallergenic or not, then it depends on how much it takes from the parent poodle. Newfypoo shedding is not that much as compared to other Newfie mixed breeds, because of the traits of a poodle.

Usually, the coat is dense, curly, and of medium length. Also, the thick coat is water-resistant and oily. In most cases, the coat is warmer in winters whereas less dense in summer. The possibility of coat colors can be silver, red, grey, cream, blue, brown, pied, white, and black.

Newfypoo puppies grooming:

Newfypoo grooming is important to discuss because they have a dense coat that needs to be maintained properly. Daily brushing is compulsory for this dog to avoid matting. Buy a comb, brush, and scissors for maintaining the coat of a Newfypoo dog.

Also, the dense coat is more likely to have more dirt and dust so, pat clean the dog’s coat at least once a week because you cannot take the dog for a bath this much frequently but cleaning is important.

Newfypoo haircuts also have many variations, but that mostly depends on the owner’s choice. Clean the ears of the dog regularly to prevent it from infections also, toenails should be clipped once a month.

Newfypoo dog medical conditions:

Newfypoo lifespan usually ranges from 8 to 12 years that means the dog is quite healthy but still some diseases can be caught by the dog. The minor health concerns of Newfoundland poodle cross puppies include Entropion Mitral Valve Dysplasia Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) Glaucoma Ectropion

newfypoo breeders

Pemphigus Retinal Dysplasia and retinal dysplasia. Whereas, if we talk about some major health concerns then they might include, bloating, gastric dilation volvulus, subaortic stenosis, canine hip dysplasia, and cataracts.

Newfoundland poodle cross puppies’ activity requirement:

Although the Newfypoo dog has a large size, it does not require strenuous exercise. You can the dog along with you for a walk in the park for a minimum of 30 minutes and on average 60 minutes. Also, you can play frisbee or other games with your dog and 2 sessions of the game will b enough for it.

As Newfypoo has the traits of Newfoundland so, it can swim in water as well which is also included in the physical activity of the dog. Well, if you will force your Newfoundland and poodle mix dog for heavy exercises, then it will more likely get joint and bone problems.

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