Newfoundland Dog Temperament


Newfoundland Dog Temperament has always been a hot topic for the owners of Newfoundland. People having an interest in Newfoundland love to know the details of Newfoundland Dog Temperament.

The most common queries regarding the Newfoundland Dog Temperament are Can Newfoundland dogs be aggressive, Are Newfoundland dogs smart,

Are Newfoundland dogs affectionate, is Newfoundland dog good with babies, and are Newfoundland good family dogs. This guide would satisfy all such queries.

Can Newfoundland Dogs be Aggressive?

Newfoundland is an amazing working dog that may depict aggressive behavior to male dogs.  Their behavior towards humans is normal however, a few may depict aggressiveness to them.


Not merely this, but the owner would be amazed to see their shy attitude as well.

They shed fur heavily. The excessive shedding makes the owner take care of the dog’s grooming on a routine basis. The owner should avoid using shampoo on the coat.

It is because the shampoo can wash out the natural oil of the coat.

Are Newfoundland Dogs Smart?

Newfoundland dog is found out to be smart dogs which are well known for their thick coat. This dense coat is water-resistant as well and lets them swim quite conveniently in the water.

These are sweet-natured dogs having muscular bodies. These are friendly to humans and gentle in behavior. These are a giant dog breed that was originated in Canada.

Are Newfoundlands Dogs Affectionate?

new foundland dog Temperament

Newfoundland dogs usually have their average life expectancy of about 8 to 10 years.  These companion dogs are loyal and prove to be affectionate as well. These are calm in nature.

They were used for the working purpose in World War II. These are lovely dogs that may cost you about $800 to a maximum of about $1500.

Is Newfoundland Dog Good With Babies?

When it comes to the list of dog breeds that are good with the babies then Newfoundland dog secures an eminent position in such a list.

They Behave well with the babies and like to play with them. Hence, the owner feels relaxed when their babies are in the company of Newfoundland dogs.

 Are Newfoundland Good Family Dogs?

These family dogs are powerful and strong. Their powerful muscles aid them in proving to be working dogs. They can carry great weight to large distances. They love water and need regular walks for its good health.

newfoundland dog breed

Their lung capacity is marvelous and their coat is water-resistant. These two factors make it an ideal dog breed for swimming.

Are you having any Newfoundland dogs in your home or neighbors? If yes, then share your experience regarding this dog breed. Comment below in order to tell us about your beloved Newfoundland.

Let’s explore more and get guidance about what is Newfoundland dog paw size and shape. Keep on reading in order to reveal different interesting facts about Newfoundland.

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