Mastiff Newfoundland Mix Breed Information

english mastiff newfoundland mix

Mastiff Newfoundland Mix came into being by crossing two large dog breeds Newfoundland and English mastiff. The breed is not …

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Newfoundland Corgi Mix Breed Information

newfoundland and corgi mix

Newfoundland and Corgi mix is one of the long lists of Newfie mixes, that was brought by the cross of …

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Newfoundland Chihuahua Mix Breed Information

Newfoundland Chihuahua Mix

Among different Newfie mixes, if you are looking for the one where Newfie crosses any toy dog breed, then Newfoundland …

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Newfoundland Boxer Mix Breed Information

Newfoundland Boxer Mix

The Newfoundland Boxer mix is a hybrid of two famous yet powerful dog breeds, Newfoundland and Boxer dog. Both dogs …

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Newfoundland Labrador Mix Breed Information


Newfoundland Labrador Mix Newfador is a hybrid dog breed of two very popular dog breeds with extraordinary traits, Newfoundland and …

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Newfoundland Malamute Mix Breed Information

malamute newfoundland mix

Among the old sled dogs, the Newfoundland malamute mix is quite famous. This dog breed is a mix of two …

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Border Newfie Breed Information

Newfoundland Border Collie Mix

Newfoundland Border Collie Mix is a hybrid of two distinct dog breeds, Border collie and Newfoundland. Both of the parent …

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Newfoundland Komondor Mix Breed Information

Newfoundland Komondor Mix

Newfoundland and Komondor Mix is a hybrid dog breed, that is formed when Newfoundland and Komondor dog mate. Just like …

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Newfoundland Husky Mix Breed Information

Newfoundland Husky Mix

Newfoundland and husky mix, also known as Newsky, is a hybrid of two large working dogs, Newfoundland and Siberian Husky. …

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