Newfoundland Corgi Mix Breed Information


Newfoundland and Corgi mix is one of the long lists of Newfie mixes, that was brought by the cross of two famous dog breeds, Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Newfoundland. As the name refers, the Corgi dog was originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

These dwarf dogs were basically for herding purposes. In old times, it was used to herd horses, cattle, and sheep. This affectionate companion is athletic, lively, and strong. They are easy-to-train dogs, also does not require a lot of grooming.

On the other hand, Newfoundland is a giant dog breed which was originated from the Island of Canada. Originally, the purpose of these dogs was to rescue people from water also, they were used as sledge dogs.

Despite its huge size, the dog is loving and have a playful personality. It adores children and love to be around the family. Well, it is difficult to tell exactly how would a Newfoundland and corgi mix will look like, but we can have an idea by the traits of their parents. Let us have a detailed look at it.

Newfoundland and corgi mix appearance:

The Newfoundland dog corgi mix does not have a specific appearance but it depends on the parent breed, from which it takes the most.

Well, if the Corgi Newfoundland cross takes most from the Corgi, then it will have a fox-shaped head, otherwise, the head will be block-shaped just as Newfoundland.

corgi newfoundland cross

Similarly, the ears can be round or triangular but are always small. Eyes are usually dark brown whereas, the feet can be webbed or normal.

The chest of the Corgi Newfoundland Cross is deeper whereas, the limbs are muscular and strong.

The coat of the dog is furry but can be short or long depending on its genes. The colour also depends on the coat colour of the parents, but possible ones include black, brown, grey, fawn, sable, red, and tan.

Newfoundland dog corgi mix temperament:

We cannot always expect that the mixed breed has all the positive behavioural traits of its parents. It can have some negative behavioural habits of the parents as well. But in the case of the Corgi Newfoundland mix breed, all the personality traits are positive commonly.

As, both the parents have affectionate and calm nature, so does the hybrid. The Corgi Newfoundland dog mix is adaptable to different environments, also are easy to train. They can be protective sometimes as well.

The dog loves to be around with the family but, it can face separation anxiety if left alone. It loves to play with the children, but to keep your child safe, make sure you don’t leave him/her alone with the dog.

Also, the dog is intelligent hence, training is not a problem here at all. But early socialization is a must as it plays an important role in the personality building of the dog.

Corgi Newfoundland cross size:

The size of the Corgi Newfie Mix is not the same every time. Majorly, the size of this hybrid depends on the size of the Corgi parent.

On average, the size of the Corgi Newfoundland mix dog is in between the usual size range of both parent breeds.

The Corgi is 8 to 2 inches in height whereas the Newfoundland is 26 to 19 inches tall. Similarly, the weight of a Corgi dog is somewhere between 24 to 31 pounds whereas that of a Newfoundland is 100 to 150 pounds.

newfoundland dog mix

According to these sizes, a Corgi Newfoundland mix is more likely. The weight of a one-year-old dog will be 60 to 130 pounds.

On the other hand, the weight of a female Newfoundland Corgi mix will be anywhere between 85 to 100 pounds whereas a male is more likely to weigh between 95 to 100 pounds respectively.

The height of a female Newfoundland and Corgi mix is anywhere between 20 to 24 inches whereas, that of a male is 22 to 25 inches.

Corgi and Newfoundland mix food:

The food requirement of the Corgi Newfoundland mix dog depends on its size. To get a desired body shape and size, healthy food in an adequate amount is quite important. On average, the height of a Corgi Newfie mix is 22 to 30 inches whereas the weight is 60 to 130 pounds.

Choose a healthy and quality food brand that has hygienic and nutritious food products. Whereas, if you are facing any trouble with it, then it is better to consult with the vet.

The larger the size, the more food the will dog need to fulfil its dietary requirements. On average, a Corgi Newfoundland mix breed needs 4.5 to 6 cups of dry food per day. Do not forget to divide the food into smaller meal portions.

Corgi Newfoundland mix breed exercise:

Despite the giant size of the Newfoundland Corgi mix dog, it does not need strenuous exercise. A simple walk of 30 to 60 minutes in a park daily would be sufficient according to the activity needs of the dog.

Playing some breeds, You can the dog along with you for a walk in the park for a minimum of 30 minutes and on average 60 minutes. Also, playing some games with your dog such as frisbee is another way to keep it active.

newfoundland and corgi mix

Most importantly, if the dog takes the most from Newfoundland, then it will love to swim. Swimming will also make the dog physically active. Do not force your dog to do heavy exercise because that can lead to joint and bone problems.

Corgi Newfie mix grooming:

Grooming is not a hassle for the Corgi and Newfoundland Mix dog breed, but daily maintenance of the coat is quite important. As the coat is furry, brush the coat daily with a hairbrush to prevent matting and tangling of the hair.

Also, you should visit a professional groomer at least 3 to 6 times a year. Whereas, if you can groom the dog yourself, then bathe it properly and sometimes, a nice haircut as well.

Corgi and Newfoundland Mix Lifespan:

For a healthy and long life, a quality diet is important for the dog as it keeps the dog away from several life-taking diseases.

The average lifespan of a Newfoundland is 8 to 10 years whereas that of a Corgi is 12 to 14 years. According to this, the average lifespan of a Newfoundland Corgi mix is 10 to 12 years.

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