Newfoundland German shepherd Mix Breed Information


New Shep dog:

A New shep dog was brought into by the cross of two famous dog breeds, German Shephard and Newfoundland. The Newfoundland dog is loving, gentle, and are also famous for their loyalty and strength.

Whereas, the German Shephard is recognized for its protective nature and courage despite being loyal. Now let us see, what are the traits of the mixed breed of these two dogs, the Newfoundland German shepherd mix.

Newfoundland German shepherd mix physical appearance:

The Newfoundland German Shepherd cross is a giant, sturdy and athletic dog with a strong and heavy bone structure. Not every New shep dog has some physical characteristics so, they can vary according to the parent’s traits.

newfoundland dog german shepherd mix

Both the parent dogs have strong and straight backs usually, whereas in some cases, the back of German Shephard is slightly sloped whereas that of Newfoundland is leveled. The chest of Newfoundland is deep while the skull is broad.

Looking at the muzzle, it is more tapered and long in the case of a German Shepherd. Both the breeds have commonly pointed ears and brown eyes. The nose of the New Shep Breed dog is either brown or black.

In short, the Newfoundland dog German Shepherd Mix can have traits of any of its parents. Lastly, the average lifespan of the dog is 10 years.

Newfoundland German shepherd cross temperament and personality:

Mostly, the New Shep hybrids are a combination of the personality of the parent breeds so, both of them are good-mannered as well as confident. If not trained properly, they can develop aggressive and anxious temperament so, train them patiently.

They are playful and happy among children, but their immense size can harm them so, keep the younger ones away. They are fun, calm, and easy with the family members as well.

Early socialization will lead to the Newfoundland and German Shepherd Mix dog’s good behavior also, it will eradicate negative behavior from the personality of the dog. Although the dog is intelligent, you will surely have to put some effort to train this dog.

Newfoundland German shepherd mix for sale:

There are two options for having a purebred New Shep Breed dog, one you can buy it from a reputable breeder, and the second adopt it from a shelter, former owner, or rescue.

Newfoundland German shepherd Mix

In both cases, you will find a purebred dog within the price range of $500-1500 or more in the case of breeders. But it is not always the truth so, be sure about the health and lineage of your dog before purchasing it from a breeder making false claims.

The only difference between these two methods is that adoption will cost you very little as compared to purchasing it.

Newfoundland German shepherd mix puppy coat:

The Newfoundland German shepherd mix puppy has a slightly dense coat that is wavy in texture and medium in length. The coat of this dog breed is more likely to catch dust, debris, and other particles. Also, their hair gets tangles frequently and heavy shedding is common in New Shep breed dogs.

So, purchase a de-shedder, comb, brush, and de-matter for maintaining the coat of the dog.  There are many possibilities of the coat color including sable, black, white, blue, brown, grey, cream, red, and silver.

Newfoundland dog German shepherd mix training:

If you have a good experience with dogs, then start training them with patience after purchasing it. As the Newfoundland and German Shepherd Mix dog is intelligent, so they pick up things easily.

newfoundland german shepherd cross

Be aware of the little obstinate nature of the dog and handle it with patience rather than behaving harshly or aggressively. If you are unable to control and train the dog, then take it or group training sessions. Also, hiring a personal trainer will help you a lot in this regard but then get ready to pay a little more training price than usual.

Newfoundland and German shepherd mix grooming:

As discussed, the coat of the Newfoundland German shepherd mix dog is dense and tangles easily so, daily brushing is necessary to maintain the look of the dog. Usually, the coat sheds in the summer and spring season, so maintaining the coat in these seasons is a challenge.

Excessive or cheap shampoo can damage the skin of your dog resulting in skin irritation so, only give it a bath when there is a dire need to remove the dirt. Keep on clipping the nails once a month and visit a professional groomer 3 to 6 times a year.

New shep dog’s food requirement:

Ideal body weight and adequate nutrition are compulsory for the dog’s well-being. Make sure you are providing a hygienic and quality diet to your dog. Usually, a New shep dog eats 3 cups of kibble every day. Well, if you observe any disturbance in the health of the dog, immediately consult your vet.

New shep breed health concerns:

Just like every other dog breed, purebred or mix, the New shep dog also has some common health concerns. Some of the minor concerns include bloating, gastric dilation volvulus, subaortic stenosis, degenerative myelopathy, perianal fistulas, and hip or elbow dysplasia.

Newfoundland German shepherd Mix

Whereas if we talk about some serious health conditions that can be fatal for the new shep breed dog, then these include pyoderma, mitral valve dysplasia, urolithiasis, pannus, cherry eye, cataracts, exocrine pancreatic, footpad disorder, insufficiency, progressive renal atrophy, persistent right aortic arch and many more. To prevent these conditions, keep a healthy track of the diet and physical activity of your dog.

Male and female Newfoundland German shepherd mix puppies for sale:

The height of a male Newfoundland dog German shepherd mix is 25 to 28 inches whereas that of a female dog is 23 to 26 inches. The weight of a female New Shep dog is 75 to 95 lbs while a male dog weighs 95 to 120 lbs.

newfoundland and german shepherd mix

Some people have a perspective that male New shep Breed dogs are more aggressive than females, but this isn’t true all the time. The temperament of the dog depends on socialization and training rather than gender.

Also, spaying of the female New shep dog is a bit complicated than neutering the male dog as spaying requires a little more time to recover.

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