Newfoundland Saint Bernard Mix Breed Information


If you like both Saint Bernard as well as Newfoundland dogs and you are confused about which one would be better for your home, then the solution to your problem is Saint Bernewfie. Saint Bernewfie is a mix of two famous breeds, Newfoundland and Saint Bernard.

The gentle giant dog is loving but requires a spacious room to live. Although it has a funny and calm nature, it acts suspicious on seeing strangers. As it is a mixed breed, so one cannot be sure that what is the outcome of the breed. Let us have a detailed look at the overall details of the cuddly dog breed.

Newfoundland Saint Bernard mix puppies Physical Appearance:

The saint Bernewfie is a giant dog having a square-shaped large head with a black nose, and dark brown eyes on it showing intelligence. The shape and size of their muzzle depend on the fact that from which parent the saint Bernewfie has taken the most.

newfoundland and saint bernard mixThe saint Bernewfie is a giant dog having a square-shaped large head with a black nose, and dark brown eyes on it showing intelligence. The shape and size of their muzzle depend on the fact that from which parent the saint Bernewfie has taken the most.

If it is more like a Saint Bernard, then the muzzle will be flatter and longer whereas, in the case of Newfoundland resemblance, it will be square and short. Drooling and slobbering is common in this breed hence, keep a cloth on hand.

The paws are also very large and can be webbed if they take the most from Newfoundland. With droopy jowls, the Saint Bernewfie is a muscular and strong dog breed.

A female saint Bernewfie weighs 95 to 175 lbs whereas that of a male is 100-180 lbs. Also, a male Saint Bernewfie is 27-33 inches tall while a female one is 25 to 30 inches in height.

 Newfoundland and Saint Bernard Mix Personality:

As both the parents of saint Bernewfie are loving and sweet, that means this dog breed also has the same personality. This snuggly dog loves to spend quality time with the family and usually feels sad when left alone. Although Saint Bernewfie is huge, it has a sensitive nature.

newfoundland saint bernard mix puppies for sale

The dog does not adapt to new places quickly so, if you are more likely to travel a lot, then this breed is not for you also, make sure you have enough time to spend with the dog to prevent it from separation anxiety.

The sweet dog is extremely good and playful with children but one thing you need to worry about is that the large size of the dog may result in some accidental injury.

Despite all these amazing personality traits, the Newfoundland and Saint Bernard mix have a protective nature as well. whenever it sees a stranger, one can hear it barking loudly, which means it plays a role of a watchdog.

Newfoundland Saint Bernard Mix Puppies for Sale:

If you are looking for Saint Bernard Newfoundland Mix for Sale, then you need to make sure that you are doing proper research as this breed mix is not very common.

Newfoundland Saint Bernard Mix

The price range for Saint Bernewfie starts from $800 and it can be higher depending on various factors.

Well, if you are fond of large dog breeds but you cannot afford them, then this is a cost-friendly option for you to look for Saint Bernewfie for Sale, and buy it as soon as possible.

While looking for Saint Bernewfie Breeders, make sure you are not the one getting fooled, and the breeder is quite reputable. Also, we will not suggest you look for dog breeds in puppy mills instead, you can opt for shelters and rescues because they always offer you healthy breeds.

Saint Bernewfie Physical Activity:

The Newfoundland dog saint Bernard mix is energetic dogs that require 45 minutes of physical activity each day. Although the dog is large, that does not mean it requires hard exercise and strenuous activity, just a moderate amount of exercise is enough.

saint bernewfie puppies

Leisure and a long walk, are all that a Saint Newberfie desires. Also, just like its parent Newfoundland, this dog breed can swim as well.

You can take it along with you in the park as well for playing some active games without any fear that it will harm other dogs or children because aggression is not its thing.

Newfoundland Saint Bernard Mix Puppies’ Coat:

The Newfoundland Saint Bernard Mix dog has a lush, thick, straight, and fluffy coat that can be either short or long. The most important thing about its coat is that it is water-resistant. You will also observe shedding hence, it is necessary to brush the coat minimum of 2 times a week.

This dog is more likely to get dirty, but you don’t have to take it for a shower every time you feel it is dirty because that can disturb the oils in the fur. Red, brown, black, white, and black and white are some of the common colors of the breed.

Newfoundland Dog Saint Bernard Mix Health:

On average, the lifespan of a Saint Newberfie dog is 8 to 12 years that means, it is a healthy dog but, like every other living organism, this dog can also have some serious health issues.

Newfoundland Saint Bernard Mix

Hip and elbow dysplasia is a disease that is common in both the parents of Saint Newberfie so, it is also likely to suffer from the disorder.

Also, arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy and dilated cardiomyopathy were seen in the parents hence, cardiac issues can be found in this breed. Some other disorders that are common in this breed include distichiasis, gastric torsion, and pulmonic stenosis.

Saint Bernewfie Puppies Grooming:

As you know, Newfoundland Saint Bernard mix puppies have a thick dense coat, then buy a pin brush, de-matter, and slicker brush to maintain the coat of the dog.

saint bernewfie breeders

It requires daily brushing, also toenail clipping is necessary every month. Take your dog for a bath at least once in 3 months and use a concentrated shampoo for bathing because of the water-resistant coat.

Saint Bernewfie Nutrition:

A hygienic, good quality and a well-balanced diet are all you need to provide your lovely Saint Newberfie for healthy living. On average, a saint Bernewfie dog requires 4 cups of kibble every day.

Also, make sure that you are giving all the nutrients required by the dog in an adequate amount. To prevent bloating, avoid giving food before or after exercise to the dog.

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