Border Newfie Breed Information


Newfoundland Border Collie Mix is a hybrid of two distinct dog breeds, Border collie and Newfoundland. Both of the parent breeds are highly intelligent and used in various fields for help.

Border collie Newfoundland mix dogs can be used for rescuing people from water also, they are sledge dogs. There is no specific appearance or personality of the Newfoundland collie mix dog, as there are some differences in the traits of the parent breeds.

The dog’s traits depend on the parent from which it takes the most. Let us have a look at the border collie Newfoundland dog depending on the parent breeds.

Newfoundland border collie physical appearance:

Border collie Newfoundland mix puppies were built to be strong dogs that can help humans in various situations. They have large bones and a muscular body that make them powerful.

border collie newfoundland mix

Their eyes are usually black but can vary from dog to dog also, they give a touch of attention and alertness to the dog’s face.

Along with a muscular body, they have a big chest, a medium-sized muzzle, and a strong bone structure. Lastly, the Newfoundland border collie mix puppies may have webbed feet just like Newfoundland.

Border Newfie size:

On average, the Border Newfie Puppies can stand 20 to 28 inches long with full sparkling and alert posture. A female Border Collie Newfoundland mix is 20 to 26 inches in height whereas that of a male is anywhere between 22 to 28 inches.

The Newfoundland border collie mix weight ranges from 80lbs to 120lbs for both males and females, which makes them strong and heavy dogs.

Newfoundland border collie mix temperament:

Border collie Newfoundland mix dogs are intelligent as well as smart also, they are very quick learners. Because of the traits of border collie parents, these Newfie mixes are perfect for guarding and herding purposes whereas the dominance and large size is something they take from Newfoundland.

border newfie

Border Newfie puppies are calm and loyal but whenever they see a stranger, they get alert, cautious, and may bark as well. With other pets or children, they may take on the lead and can be dominating in the field.

You should always watch the dogs when they are with children. Never leave the kids alone with the dog, because they can accidentally get hurt due to the size of the dog.

Border Collie Newfoundland mix coat:

Border collie mix with Newfoundland has a thick coat with a dense lower coat as, both the parent breeds have a thick coat as well. The Newfoundland and border collie mix may love to play in the water just like Newfoundland also, the dense coat helps it to tolerate the cool temperature of the water.

Be careful because there is a chance of flea and tick growth in their dense coat. Just like the other dog breeds, Newfoundland border collie mix puppy shed their coats in summer.

With a vast range of colors, you may see white Border Newfie, black border Newfie, Dark grey Border Newfie, or in Landseer or brown shades as well.

How much do Newfie Puppies Cost?

If you are looking for Newfoundland border collie mix puppies for sale, then you should search for some reputable border Newfie Breeders who may give you a healthy and strong dog.

newfoundland collie mix

Border Newfie puppies for sale are available at different prices depending on the area or their parents’ history.

A good border Newfie for sale can cost you anywhere between $800 to $1500. In India or other Asian countries, you can get a border Newfie in a range of ₹50,000 to ₹100,000.

But a border collie mix, with Newfoundland with a good lineage and breed history or show quality, can be very expensive. Such Newfie border collie mix dogs have a starting price of $2000.

Newfie border collie puppy Physical Activity Requirement:

The border collie is an agile, high-energy, and active dog that requires a lot of physical activity whereas, Newfoundland is a bit less active than this dog but that doesn’t mean it has less activity requirement.

Based on these parent dogs’ activity levels, the Newfie Border Collie Puppy is active and requires physical activity.

Now, it can be in different ways such as running, walking, playing in the yard or many more. Most importantly, as the dog loves water, you can take it swimming and that will be considered an activity as well.
This dog breed performs well in cold temperatures due to its dense coat whereas it may feel a bit uncomfortable in summers.

Border collie Newfie grooming:

The longer the coat, more the maintenance is required. Every day brushing is important to prevent the coat of the Newfoundland border collie mix dog from getting mats in it. Also, the debris that may have stuck in the hair while playing will be removed.

newfoundland mix

The loose hairs are also separated by regular brushing of the dog. They also require an occasional haircut which makes the coat look more beautiful.

Bath them at least once a month. As usual, the Border Collie Newfie loves to swim, then the ear may be at the risk of having infections in the ear canal or outer extremities.

Keep them clean so that, no dirt or bacteria can build up in the ear. Trim the nails every month and also give attention to their dental health. You should visit a professional groomer at least 3 to 6 times a year.

Newfie and border collie Food Requirement:

As the dog is large, it requires a sufficient amount of food. It requires 250-300 calories every day to maintain ideal body weight.

A Newfie and border collie mix dog will eat 4 to 5 cups of dry food every day. Just make sure you are giving it hygienic and quality food because cheap food will affect the health of the dog. It is better if you divide the recommended amount of food into two meals.

Also, water is important for the dog so ensure that your dog can reach it every time it is thirsty.

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