What is Newfoundland Dog Paw Size and Shape?


If you are thinking of having a giant dog breed that proves to be an amazing companion dog, then Newfoundland dog is a good option. These are courageous dogs that are well known for their sweet temper.

These calm dogs have a water-resistant coat. Before making a purchase, get to know What is Newfoundland dog paw size and shape.  Common queries regarding What is Newfoundland dog paw size and shape include Common problems in Newfoundland dog paws and

How to take care of your Newfoundland dog paws. This guide would help you to know all about this. Let’s have a quick glimpse of this over here

Newfoundland Dog Paw Size and Shape:

Newfoundland dog is a splendid dog breed that is muscular and powerful. When it comes to the shape of Newfoundland dog, then it seems to have webbed paws. The paws of Newfoundland aid during swimming in water. These dogs have amazing strength.

What is Newfoundland Dog Paw Size and Shape?

They are shown to have a minimum life expectancy of 8 years. However, the maximum average life expectancy of Newfoundland dog is about 10 years.

These can grow in height to a maximum of about 28 inches. Newfoundland is a highly popular working dog that amazingly provided its service during the wars.

The contribution of Newfoundland was remarkable during World War II. Working in water becomes quite facilitated due to the water-resistant coat and webbed paw.

Common Problems in Newfoundland Dog Paws:

If the Newfoundland dog paws are not cleaned properly or their health is taken for granted, then the dog may suffer from various health problems. In case of any health issue, take your Newfoundland to the vet.

newfoundland dogs size

Problems that the dog paw may suffer are bacterial infections, frostbite, fungal infection, torn toenails, etc. Massage your Newfoundland paws and keep on moisturizing them on regular basis.

You can depict your love and care towards the Newfoundland dog by considering the paw pedicure. It takes about 21 days for your dog to recover from paw injuries.

How to Take Care of Your Newfoundland Dog Paws?

Mudded Paws should be cleaned. While grooming the Newfoundland coat, ear, teeth, etc, do not forget the paws of the Newfoundland dog. Hearing the sound of the tick, while your dog is walking on the floor, is a clear indication that the toenails of Newfoundland dog have become enlarged. It is the time of trimming or cutting the exceeded toenail.


The owner can do so with the aid of a nail cutter. However, it is necessary to cut it appropriately. Exceed cutting may lead to bleeding as the toenail also has the circulation of blood.

Newfoundland is such an adorable dog breed that has lots to reveal to people. Read more to know about What is the average weight of a Newfoundland dog.

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