Newfoundland golden retriever Mix breed Information


Golden Newfie is a dog born from the cross of Newfoundland and golden retriever, also known as Newfoundland golden retriever mix. The dog is tall and has a massive body with a broad skull. On the broadhead, they have brown eyes, the nose is black, whereas the furry ears hang along with the head. The chest of the dog is deep while the neck is quite thick.

The legs are strong and straight whereas their feet are webbed also, the furry tail is of medium size. Well, if you are wondering about the Golden Newfie size, then this dog has 34-60 kg weight and 51-68 cm height on average.

golden newfie puppies

Whereas the golden Newfie lifespan ranges from 8-12 years. To make sure that your golden Newfie lives his expected lifespan, just make sure you are providing it will good-quality food, offering proper exercise, and are regular about the check-ups.

The easy-going trait of Newfoundland and the playful nature of the golden retriever, both come with the golden Newfie dog. The extremely loyal and protective dog will keep you safe from dangers also, is friendly with other pets and dogs as well.

Playing with children is something they love to do as well. Some people call them “nanny dogs” as well because they are more protective of younger members of the house. They are intelligent dogs so, training them is not difficult at all. Separation anxiety can be suffered by these dogs if left alone for some time.

Golden retriever Newfoundland mix breeder cost:

If you are looking for Newfoundland golden retriever mix for sale, first make sure that you are dealing with an ethical and well-reputed golden Newfie breeder. If a breeder is offering you less cost, there is a chance that he is making false claims about the pedigree of the dog.

Newfoundland golden retriever Mix breed Information

Never compromise the quality for less price because these dogs will get sick and you will have to pay more in total than the price offered by a reputable breeder.

Golden Newfie dog is available at different prices depending on various factors including breeder’s location, dog’s quality, lineage, age,

and many more. But on average, Golden Newfie Puppies cost somewhere between $800 to $1500. Whereas the show quality or exceptional dogs can be expensive.

Newfoundland golden retriever mix puppies Coat:

Golden Newfie has a dense and wavy coat that is medium in length. Constant brushing, usually once every day, is necessary to maintain the attractiveness of the coat.

golden newfie mix

At the time of shedding, the brushing of the hindlegs area should be preferred more. The possible coat colors of this breed include black, brown, red, and grey. The most common and liked coat color among these is black.

Whereas some people desire to have a golden-colored golden Newfie dog which is extremely rare. In case, one finds such a dog, then it will be way more expensive than other coat colors.

Newfoundland golden retriever mix dog in variable countries:

Golden Newfie puppies for sale are quite different in multiple locations. Apart from this fact, the Golden Newfie dog has three different variations. The first one is the British, whereas the golden Newfie breeders Canada deals with the Canadian one mostly and lastly,

golden Newfie puppies for sale UK are of the third one, American Golden Newfie. Australia is also likely to have some dogs of this breed. At first, this dog was originated in the 1800s in Scotland to get a dog with both the qualities of a Newfoundland and golden retriever dog.

Newfoundland and golden retriever mix Trainability:

Looking at their parents, both the golden retriever and Newfoundland dogs were active and intelligent as is Golden Newfie.They have an urge to learn different things and they get what one tells them very quickly. So, if one trains them by teaching something interesting, they will be pleased to learn that.

newfoundland golden retriever mix dog

Having a lot of experience to train these dogs is not compulsory at all so sit back and relax! But one important thing you need to know is that patience is a must while training this dog.

If you will apply harsh behaviors, then this dog can get sensitive and will not respond to you. So, try to apply gentle and patient training methods or leave your dog at some training center.

Golden Newfie mix dietary requirements:

As you know, golden Newfie is a massive, large, and active dog hence requires a lot of food. On average, it consumes 4 cups of food every day. Go for a good-quality kibble for this dog that contains all the nutrients in an adequate amount so that, the dog could have the feeling of fullness.

Golden Newfie

If not, then the dog will want to have some snacks or unhealthy food that can result in weight gain. Obese golden Newfie dogs are unhappy dogs because they lose their comfort zone.

The ideal body weight of the dog falls between 100-125 pounds so, keep a check on its diet to prevent excessive weight gain. Proper exercise and an adequate amount of food are all that you need for the lean body of your golden Newfie dog.

Common health problems of golden Newfie puppies:

The golden Newfie is a healthy dog but like every other dog, it can suffer from some acute and serious conditions.  Some of the minor disorders that compromise the health of this dog include neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, cystinuria, Entropion, Von Willebrand’s Disease, joint issues, and many more.

newfoundland golden retriever mix puppies

Whereas some chronic illnesses can affect the health drastically including certain cancers, subaortic stenosis, or hip and elbow dysplasia.

Exercise Requirement of the golden Newfie mix:

The golden Newfie dogs require a lot of physical activity as they are active dogs and laying down all day is not desirable for them. They need a heavy workout, but it can vary in different ways.

One can take the dog along for a walk, leave them at the swimming pool as they love to swim, or choose any other activity practice you want.

Just make sure you are giving the dog at least one hour every day for exercise because, without activity, the dog can get sick.

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