Newfoundland Great Dane Mix Breed Information


The Newfoundland and Great Dane mix is a regal giant dog breed, that results from mixing two distinct large dog breeds, Newfoundland and Great Dane. It is one of the largest hybris among all the Newfie mixes.

It is recommended to have this dog only when you are experienced and can handle giant dog breeds. Well, before going to the dog’s detailed features, it is good to have a quick overview of the parent dog breeds.

Great Dane was originated from Germany. It was bred by German nobility for various useful purposes such as hunt wild boar and to protect the country’s estates.

Among all the dogs which could bring down the wild boar, this one was considered in the upper class. The dog has a long, muscular, and athletic body. Also, their personality is easy-going, non-aggressive, loving, and tolerant.

On the other hand, Newfoundland, as the name refers, was originated from the Island of Canada known as Newfoundland. It is a large dog with a water-resistant coat and webbed feet.

It is gentle and loves to play with the children. The temperament is quite calm and patient, but it is not recommended to leave the dog alone for a long time.

Is a great Dane bigger than a Newfoundland?

If you are wondering which one of the parent breeds of Newfoundland great Dane mix puppy is greater, then you are at the right place.

The height of a Great Dane is 29 to 34 inches for both males and females, whereas a Newfoundland dog is 24 to 30 inches.

great dane mix puppy

Talking about the weight, a Newfoundland weighs 100 to 150 pounds whereas the weight of a Great Dane dog ranges from 100 to 200 pounds.

According to these size ranges, we can say that a Great Dane is bigger than a Newfoundland.

Newfoundland dog great Dane mix size:

There is no specific weight or height of the Newfoundland and Great Dane mix dog, but all we can say is that they are immensely giant dogs as, both the parent breeds are quite large.

The size of a fully grown Newfoundland dog great Dane mix is between the size ranges of the parent breeds.

On average, the weight of the Great Dane Newfoundland mix dog is 150 pounds whereas, the average height is 28 to 32 inches.

Newfoundland Dane mix puppies coat:

The coat of the Great Dane Newfoundland mix can either be short and smooth, or dense and furry. It depends on that which parent does the Great Dane Newfie mix takes the most.

But as the dog is large, it will shed a lot. The possible coat colours of the dog include black, grey, brown, brindle or fawn, etc.

Great Dane Newfoundland personality:

Great Dane Newfoundland mix is a playful, fun-loving, loyal, and affectionate dog. It is an intelligent dog, who can live in your apartment as well because they have a moderate energy level.

The dog loves to be around children and play with them. If no one is available, then make sure your dog has some sturdy toys to play with.

But, never leave your dog alone for a long time, as they can suffer from separation anxiety.

newfoundland dog mix

The Great Dane Newfoundland mix-breed dog loves to be a companion of yours, hence, give as much time to it as you want.

Like every other dog, early socialization and proper training are important for the dog to get the desired personality.

Newfie great Dane mix health concerns:

The Great Dane and Newfoundland dog mix can face several health problems. But, as it is a large dog breed, it has a risk of some of the specific problems including hip or elbow dysplasia and bloat.

If you do not use a slow-feeder, then your dog is more likely to have bloat. Bloating is a life-threatening condition. The dog whimpers and tries to vomit in this condition but all you have to do is run to the vet immediately.

Secondly, if you overfeed your dog or do not focus on giving it small portions of food, then it can get overweight. Obesity can lead to hip and elbow dysplasia which is not good for the dog at all.

Great Dane mix puppies for sale:

If you are looking for Newfoundland great Dane mix puppies for sale, then you must know where to look for them.

Sometimes the dogs are accidentally bred and are found in shelters. Whereas, some people who want their desired hybrid go to the designer breeder.

We recommend you to adopt the dog from a shelter as it will cost you less also, you will not have to compromise the health at any cost.

great dane mix puppies

Whereas, if you are unable to find it there, then you can search for a reputable breeder to have a Great Dane Newfoundland Cross dog.

Great Dane mix puppies grooming:

The great Dane Newfie mix is a large dog, hence maintaining its coat will take some of your time daily. It sheds a lot also, if the dog is furry like Newfoundland, you will have to prevent it from matting.

If you are an experienced owner, then you can groom the dog by yourself. Well, if not, then it is recommended to visit a professional trainer several times a year.

Great Newfoundland training:

Both the parent dogs are intelligent and easy-going, so is the Newfie great Dane mix. But that does not mean that training is quite easy. As the dog is quite large, you can face some problems while training it.

great dane newfoundland

So, do not delay training or forget to socialize your dog at the proper time. If you adopt the right training techniques, then the dog will respond to your commands obediently. Otherwise, you can take your dog for group training sessions or hire a private trainer as well.

Newfie great Dane mix physical activity:

Despite the size of the dog, Newfoundland Great Dane mix is not a very active dog. It requires medium activity hence, a walk for 30 minutes to an hour is sufficient.

Also, if the dog has swimming traits, that will be good for the activity. You can play various games to keep your dog physically active as well.

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