What causes separation anxiety in Newfoundland dogs?

Newfoundland dog

Both the appearance and behavior of Newfoundland dog make it a desirable dog breed. The special and most appealing things about Newfoundland is their water resistant coat. These sweet-tempered dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Hence, it is important to know What are the symptoms of separation anxiety in Newfoundland dog, How long does separation anxiety last in … Read more

How do I stop my Newfoundland dog biting?

How do I stop my Newfoundland dog biting?

Newfoundland dogs are massive and giant dogs that can approach up to 28 inches in height and weight up to 150 pounds. They have 4 amazing coat colors such as black and white, black, brown and grey. They are strong and loyal dogs. How do I stop my Newfoundland dog biting is important to be known. … Read more

Newfoundland Dog Barking

Newfoundland Dog barking

There are enormous facts associated with the Newfoundland dog. Dealing with the Newfoundland is amazing, especially when you have guidance about it. If you are having a Newfoundland dog then you must get to know about its shape, size, appearance, behavior, temperament, barking etc. Common areas of interest regarding the Newfoundland Dog Barking are how … Read more