Newfoundland Komondor Mix Breed Information


Newfoundland and Komondor Mix is a hybrid dog breed, that is formed when Newfoundland and Komondor dog mate. Just like every other hybrid dog breed, it is challenging to know the exact features of the Newfkom dog at once, as it has very little history.

These dog breeds are created either due to accidental breeding, or to have a dog breed with mixed features of two amazing breeds. Well, let us have a look at the traits of Newfkom puppies.

Newfoundland Komondor Dog Physical appearance:

komondor newfoundland mix

Komondor mix is a large dog breed whose other name is Hungarian Sheepdog. It has a short back, long legs, and a muscular body that makes the Newfkom strong and big.

It has a corded, non-shedding, good smelling, and long coat, which is usually white.

Some other coat colors include grey, white and black, and white and brown. Just as Newfoundland, the Newfkom dog has a large blocky head and webbed feet.

New from size:

The Komondor mix puppies take the height of Komondor dog usually. A male Newfkom dog is 27 to 31 inches tall whereas that of a female is 25 to 27 inches.

While, if you are wondering about the weight of the large dog breed, then a female Newfkom dog weighs 88 to 110 pounds and a male one has 110 to 132 pounds of weight usually.

Newfoundland and Komondor mix Temperament:

Well, one can predict the temperament and personality of a hybrid breed by looking at the parent breeds. As both the parent breeds have excellent prey instincts, so does the Newfkom dog have.

newfkomEarly socialization is important for these dogs so that, they may get along with other animals. The dog likes to spend some time alone when there is too much noise in the house, but leaving it alone in the house can cause separation anxiety.

Newfkom wants to spend quality time with the family members as it has a loving and affectionate nature.

Newfkom puppies for sale:

On seeing Newfkom images, you might want to buy a Newfkom for yourself as a companion. Well, several Newfkom breeders will sell you the dog at reasonable prices.

The reputable breeders have healthy Newfkom for sale because they treat the puppy as if it is their own also, do not make false claims about its traits. So, the price of a Newfkom dog from a reputable breeder will be $1800 on average.

Newfkom Health:

Besides the fact that Newfkom can be a healthy breed, there are still some chances that these dogs may get some genetic disorders.

komondor mix

Diseases like heart problems, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia are common in both parent dogs. So, Newfoundland and Komondor mix dog is at the risk of getting these disorders.

Newfkom Traning:

It is a bit challenging to train the Newfkom dog as the dog has preying instinct, then it will only show interest in running and chasing the small animals. Well, if you want to train your Newfkom dog, then try to break the sessions.

Keep the daily training sessions short so that, the intelligent dog could learn more and more. The dog will respond well to positive reinforcement so, try that to make your dog learn what you want.

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