Newfoundland Chihuahua Mix Breed Information


Among different Newfie mixes, if you are looking for the one where Newfie crosses any toy dog breed, then Newfoundland Chihuahua Mix is the one. The Newfoundland and Chihuahua mix breed was brought into by the cross of two famous dog breeds.

As the name refers, one is a large dog breed, Newfoundland, whereas the other one is Chihuahua. Newfoundland is a strong, powerful and heavy-boned dog, which has an affectionate and loving personality.

It was originated from an island called Newfoundland, and later on, was brought to England. Also, the dog was used for various working purposes such as rescuing people and retrieving lost fishing gears from the water.

Whereas, on the other hand, Chihuahua is a fun-loving, graceful and balanced dog, which is small in size, but loyal and confident. Now, let us guess what would a mix of these two amazing dog breeds would be like.

Newfoundland and chihuahua mix appearance:

Chihuahua Newfoundland dog mix is a medium-sized canine with a strong body. If the dog takes most from the Chihuahua, then it might have a rounded apple head whereas, if it takes from Newfoundland, then the head is most likely to be block-shaped.

Ears can be erect or high-folded, whereas the eyes are luminous. The feet can either be webbed or normal, but their size depends on the size of the dog. The possible coat colours of chihuahua are red, chocolate, cream, fawn, black, black & tan, fawn & white, and blue & tan.

Whereas, that of Newfoundland are black, grey or brown. So, the possibility can be anyone, but mostly the colour is black or brown. It all depends on which colour are the parent breeds, also, from which parent the hybrid takes the most.

Chihuahua Newfoundland mix physical size:

One cannot predict exactly how a hybrid of two dog breeds will look like, but mostly one can imagine the possibilities. In the case of these two dog breeds, one is unbelievably large whereas the other is small hence, the size will not be the same every time.

newfie mix

Chihuahua can weigh 3.5 – 7.5 lbs whereas the weight of a Newfoundland ranges from 100 – 150 lb. On the other hand, the height of Newfoundland and Chihuahua is 25 – 29 inches and 6-9 inches respectively.

Commonly, the size of Newfoundland cross Chihuahua is 15-20 inches in height, and 50-80 pounds in weight. But in some cases, if the dog takes most from Newfie, the size

Newfoundland Mix Chihuahua personality:

Chihuahua Newfoundland Mix breed has a loving, affectionate and loyal personality. Both the dogs are intelligent, courageous, quick, lively and devoted, so is the Newfoundland chihuahua mix. It can be protective as well.

newfoundland dog mix

The loving nature of the dogs makes it playful which means it loves to play with other pets as well as children.

But make sure you are not leaving a child less than eight years near this dog alone because any accident could happen.

The hybrid dog is easy to groom, as both the parent dogs are. Lastly, early socialization is necessary for the Chihuahua Newfie mix for good and well-mannered behaviour.

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