Newfoundland Dog Ear Infections

Newfoundland dogs are wonderful giant dogs that were used as working dogs. They have a water-resistant coat and 4 stunning coat colors which are black and white, grey, black, and brown.

Newfoundland Dog Ear Infections are a serious matter. These health issues can disturb the overall health of the Newfoundland dog. Newfoundland dog of my friend once suffered from Newfoundland Dog Ear Infections.

It was the peak time for my friend and me also to know the details of Newfoundland Dog Ear Infections. These generally include Types of Newfoundland Dog Ear Issues, Signs And Symptoms Of Ear Infections in Newfoundland dog, Treatment for Common Infections in Newfoundland Dog, and Prevention and Proper Care at Home.

Types of Newfoundland Dog Ear Issues:

Newfoundland Dog Ear Infections can be otitis media or otitis externa. Owners of Newfoundland dog should ensure the best care of their dog. While doing so, they must not forget the ears of the Newfoundland dog. The inflammation to the external ear and middle ear is known as otitis externa and otitis media.

Signs And Symptoms Of Ear Infections in Newfoundland dog:

Newfoundland Dog Ear InfectionsWhen your beloved Newfoundland’s dog started shaking the head of it or suddenly started scratching or itching the ear, then it is time to visit the vet.

These signs depict that Newfoundland is suffering from ear infections. Besides this, the dog may also suffer from pus or white material coming out of the ear. Redness of the ear also depicts that there is some abnormality to the dog’s ear.

Treatment for Common Infections in Newfoundland Dog:

Treating the ear infection is possible through the use of painkillers and steroids. You can administer painkillers such as tramadol in order to combat the issue of pain.

Likewise, for addressing inflammation, it is usually recommended to give steroids to it. Keep on cleaning the ear.

You can also use the ointment prescribed by the vet. It usually takes about 5 to 7 days to recover from the infection. However, it may exceed up to a month in case of severe infections.

Prevention and Proper Care at Home:

Proper cleaning of the dog’s ear prevents form ear infections.  Use sterilized napkins or cloth dipped in Dettol for cleaning the ear of the Newfoundland dog. It ensures to remove the dirt, debris, and other germs from the ear. Be gentle while wiping the dirt off from the Newfoundland’s ear. Else, there are chances of damage or harm to the ear.

Have you ever noticed symptoms of Newfoundland Dog Ear Infections in your dog? Did your Newfoundland dog ever suffer from any sort of ear infection?

Did your Newfoundland dog ear infection affect the healing power? If yes, then what you do at such a crucial time. Share your precious experience with us by commenting below.

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