Newfoundland Labrador Mix Breed Information


Newfoundland Labrador Mix

Newfador is a hybrid dog breed of two very popular dog breeds with extraordinary traits, Newfoundland and Labrador. Both of these dogs are large-built, stocky, and purebred. As the Newfoundland Lab Mix dog will take the traits of its parents, hence it is important to have a look at the parent’s history first.

  • Newfoundland:

Newfoundland dog belongs to the Mastiff family and it was originated on an island of Canada, known as Newfoundland. As the dog has a massive body, hence it was used for tasks such as pulling carts or hauling heavy fishnets.

Also, it is a brave and courageous dog who has saved the life of many people as well. It has a water-resistant coat and webbed feet, that show its love for the water. The loving, affectionate, and loyal dog always want to be with the family. If left alone in the house for a long time, then it can suffer from separation anxiety.

  • Labrador:

Newfoundland lab mix puppies along with Newfoundland will take some of the good traits of Labrador as well. Just like Newfoundland, the Labrador retriever is also from a Canadian Island.

The basic purpose of the dog was hunting but it is also kept as a great companion by most people nowadays. It is an extremely enthusiastic and active dog that requires a certain amount of physical activity.

Now based on these parent dog breed traits, let us tell you everything you want to know about Newfoundland lab mix dog in this article.

Newfoundland Labs Physical Appearance:

Newfoundland Labrador mix is a mix of two large dog breeds, one is strong whereas the other is fluffy.

One cannot determine what how exactly the lab Newfoundland mix puppy will look like because it depends on the parent from whom the Newfoundland mix puppies will take the most.

lab newfie mix

The eyes of the Newfoundland and labrador dog are brown whereas the ears are fluffy and floppy. They have leathery and black nose whereas, feet are partially webbed. The tail and muzzle of the Newfoundland lab mix mostly resemble the Labrador.

Newfoundland Lab Mix Coat:

Newfoundland and labrador dogs, both have a soft and dense coat but being more specific, there are two possibilities of the coat texture of the Newfador dog. Either the coat of the Newfador puppies is short and shiny, or it is long and fluffy.

This shows us that the length of the coat varies from medium to long. The texture of the coat is straight. As the Newfie lab has a double coat, the outer one is water-resistant.

newfoundland lab mix

The highly dense double coat makes it easy for the dog to survive in cold weather also, being water-resistant, the coat helps the dog to swim and stay active.

Now, if you are wondering that is there any Newfoundland black lab mix or Newfoundland chocolate lab mix, then you are at the right place. In this breed, the possible coat colors of the dog include chocolate lab Newfoundland mix puppies, also known as chocolate Newfador.

Some other coat color possibilities are brown, sable, fawn, brindle, pied, cream, and black lab Newfoundland mix. Lastly, if you are allergic to dog fur, and searching for a dog that has a hypoallergenic coat, then lab Newfoundland mix is the best choice as its coat is 100% hypoallergenic.

Newfador size:

The Newfoundland is a large dog whereas Labrador is slightly small in comparison but is also considered as a large dog breed. This means that the Newfoundland lab mix size is not small.

Hence, if you are wondering that how big will a Newfoundland lab mix get, then the answer to your question is that in most cases, the size is just like that of Newfoundland.

It is also a massive dog, that can be used for multiple purposes, or kept as a great companion. The male Newfador weight ranges from 80-115lbs whereas the Newfoundland lab mix weight for a female can be anywhere between 70-100lbs.

Talking about the height of the Newfie lab mix puppies, then a male one can be 26-28 inches whereas the female dog can be 24-26 inches in height.

Newfador life expectancy:

The Newfoundland dog lives 8 to 10 years on average whereas the Labrador can survive but more having a lifespan of 0 to 14 years. Based on the lifespans of these two parent dog breeds, we have concluded that the lifespan of a Newfoundland lab mix is somewhere around 10 to 12 years.

Newfoundland lab mix life expectancy can be increased if you take proper care and provide the dog hygienic and quality food.

Lab Newfoundland Temperament and personality:

The Labrador and Newfoundland mix breed dog, is highly loving and affectionate, just as both of the parents. It loves to spend a lot of quality time with the family members as well as children which means, they are great family pets.

newfoundland labrador mix

Also, they are hardworking dogs and will help you with different chores. Not only this but just like the parent dog breeds, the Newfoundland Labrador dog mix is intelligent and picks the stuff quickly which means they are easy to train.

It is good to watch the Newfoundland cross Labrador when it is around the other dog breeds, but it is mostly good with other dogs. So, if you are looking for a dog with a loving, loyal, and energetic personality, then the Newfoundland lab mix puppy is your desired choice.

Lab and Newfoundland Mix Price:

On seeing the attractive Newfoundland lab mix dog pictures, you might be thinking to have one. After this, the first question that pops up in the people’s minds is usually about the Newfoundland and lab mix puppies for sale price.

Well, if you are finding the Newfoundland labrador mix puppies for sale, then you should find reputable breeders in your area. Newfoundland lab mix breeders with a good reputation will tell you the true features and traits of the dog instead of making false claims.

Newfoundland labrador mix for sale price usually ranges from $500 to $1,000, but it can increase depending on the lineage of the dog. Other than looking for Newfie lab mix puppies for sale, you can adopt one from the rescue or shelter that will cost you around $350.

Among all the coat colors, the Newfoundland black lab mix puppies for sale are the most popular and have a high demand.

Newfador puppies for sale in different countries:

Newfador breeders in different countries of the world ask for variable prices according to the availability and demand of the lab and Newfoundland mix dog in their area.

Such as Newfador breeders in the UK will ask different prices for the dog as compared to the breeders of Asian countries as Newfie lab mix dog is popular in the UK.

Newfoundland Lab Dog Grooming:

The Newfoundland lab dog mix has a dense coat, which means you need to do a lot of effort into grooming this dog. If you don’t have much time or you are not willing to visit the professional groomer, then you should be thinking of having a Newfoundland dog lab mix.

newfoundland cross labradorWhereas if yes, then you should buy a comb, greyhound brush, pin brush undercoat rake, slicker brush, and mat splitter for the proper grooming of the dog’s coat.

All this stuff will help you remove the nits, tangles, and knots whereas the Newfoundland lab mix shedding will be no more a problem. Also, the dead hair of the Newfoundland dog lab mix will be removed and the de-matting will be done flawlessly.

Also, you should be having a toenail clipper at your home for clipping the nails every month. Besides this, you should visit a professional groomer at least 6 times a year.

Newfoundland Lab Mix Puppy Training:

Training the Newfie mix puppies is not a challenging task, as it is an intelligent dog. Having a good experience in training means that you can train the labrador Newfie mix by yourself.

If not, then group training sessions will be enough as the labrador and Newfoundland mix is easy to please. Early socialization is important for the dog also, be patient and dedicated while training the dog to get the best results.

Newfoundland Lab Puppy Health concerns:

newfoundland mix puppies

Labrador mix puppy is a healthy breed, but still, it can have some genetic disorders. Some of the common disorders that a Newfoundland and labrador mix dog can have included, chronic allergies such as environmental, food or skin allergy,

different cancers including leukemia, lymphoma, mast cell tumors or skin cancer, Ruptured cranial cruciate ligament, cataracts, epilepsy, hip or elbow dysplasia, Gastric dilatation-volvulus or gastric torsion, or subvalvular aortic stenosis.

No matter you are having a mini Newfoundland and labrador mix dog or a fully grown Newfoundland and lab mix dog, visit the vet whenever you find any unusual behavior in the dog.

Newfoundland Labrador Dog Food requirement:

How big does a Newfoundland lab mix get? Well, it can reach the ideal height if you provide the dog with high-quality food. The Newfoundland and Labrador mix puppies are active and energetic mostly hence, they require a lot of energy or food to overcome the burned calories.

newfoundland labrador dog

So, give your Newfoundland labrador crossbreed dog a protein-rich and carbohydrate-containing diet such as meat, fish, beans, peas, or whole grains. This will fulfill the energy requirements of the dog.

Also, do not overfeed the Newfoundland labrador mix dog as it can lead to obesity that can in result cause hip or elbow dysplasia. Give your Newfoundland cross labrador dog hygienic food for a disease-free and healthy life.

Lab Newfie Mix Activity Requirement:

Labrador Newfoundland mix is an active dog also, it loves to go outdoors and maintain its energy level. Newfoundland labrador puppies require 60-90 minutes of walk daily.

Also, you can fulfill the exercise requirements by different activities such as running, fetching games, or any other task. Besides, the lab Newfoundland mix puppies are good swimmers hence, swimming can meet their exercise needs as well.

Physical activity of the Newfoundland mix Labrador will keep the obesity away and your dog will be safe from the most common disorder, hip or elbow dysplasia.

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